About us and our Goals

Purpose of Bollywood Tickets

  • You will be aware of all types of events in the State of Illinois
  • Our goal is to support promoters by Selling tickets, Finding sponsors and Booth vendors
  • If you Purchase tickets from us, you will avoid 4.5 % service Charge(Online Tickets charge 4.5 % service fee)
  • Depending on Event Promoter, we will negotiate Senior discount or any other discount
  • Promoting a local talent
  • Promoting our cultural and heritage and generously encourage younger generation by giving a platform to Singers and Dancers.
  • A platform to politicians, they will represent themselves and express their thoughts and ideas to our community

Incentive package WOW!!! What a Great deal!!!

  • Buy Ten Tickets of VVIP or VIP and Get FREE $250 worth photography package or $350 worth E-blast free for your event or Business!!!
  • Buy Ten Tickets of Regular Price and Get FREE $50 worth services from USA Sakhi

Voucher for above items Expires: Max 6 months from Voucher received date


  • Asian Media USA has strict policy not to charge any commission
  • We request 2 complimentary tickets for our staff.  They work very long hours to publish photographs and videos on time. Quality work is our number one priority.
  • To achieve our goal for Tickets selling, it is extremely important to put Bollywood Tickets Logo and name [Suresh Bodiwala: 847-420-4789] on the flyer.
  • We need flyer for our website. The image slider size should be 1030 x 438px [Check with who ever makes your flyer]
  • We love to be Media Partner for your event

Comment for promoter:

  • Ticket sales amount will be transferred to promoter by Chase Bank Quick pay account. Amount will be transferred 3 days after completion of event.

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